Where To Get Disposable Cameras Developed? Full Guide In 2024

Disposable cameras are fun to use, and the photos they take can turn out great. But here’s an issue: where can you go to take pictures? Many people keep their cameras in a drawer for months or years, and some never produce them. 

In this blog post, we want to help you solve this problem, get those pictures out of your camera, and print them for your phone, social media, or photo album. The good news is that a disposable camera is just a plastic camera with a roll of film inside. So, any place producing regular film can also create your disposable camera film.

What is a disposable camera?

A disposable camera is a one-time camera; you snap photos and throw them away. It already comes with a roll of film loaded inside. After you take all your pictures, you give the camera to a photo lab to develop the film and get your prints. This is a simple and cheap alternative to capturing memories without all the camera hassles. These cameras are helpful, especially for occasions and trips where you need a simple way of capturing images without the hassle. They are light, easy to use, and you are not forced to change the film or carry other things.

Types of disposable cameras 

Disposable cameras typically fall into three main categories:

  1. Waterproof Disposable Cameras
  2. Color Disposable Cameras
  3. Black and White Disposable Cameras

Waterproof Disposable Cameras

Waterproof disposable cameras are designed for adventures in wet conditions and are placed inside a protective casing that makes them suitable for underwater use. Whether it is the beach, the pool, or even a rainy day, these cameras guarantee you can take pictures without worrying about water damage.

Waterproof Disposable Cameras

Color Disposable Cameras

Capturing vibrant and exciting scenes, it’s the color disposable cameras. They produce a large spectrum of colors using color film that is ideal for capturing everyday scenes and events.

Color Disposable Cameras

Black and White Disposable Cameras

If you search for a traditional and classic flavor, black and white disposable cameras will do it. They use monochrome film, giving your shots a nostalgic and aesthetic touch. It is very convenient for capturing moments with some glamour and glamour.

Black and White Disposable Cameras

Finding the Best Online Spots for Disposable Camera Growth.

If you want to develop your disposable camera film online, several great companies are known as mail-in photo labs. These labs provide highly competitive pricing and a turnaround time comparable to local big-box retailers. Also known as mail-in labs, they have more choices and good value. Here are a couple of recommended options:

Shutter Junkies Photo Lab – The Disposable Camera Experts:

Shutter Junkies manufactures disposable cameras, commonly referred to as Single Use Cameras. The images will be sent to them at $12 each, and they’ll scan and process them in high resolution. You will have to pay an additional $12 to order 4×6 prints from your online gallery at the time of purchase or later. Shutter Junkies does not charge you an extra fee for the negatives because you can scan and print them anytime you wish. They deal with disposable cameras, such as underwater ones. And offer excellent customer service.

The Darkroom:

Customers love the Darkroom for its fast, consistent service and friendly customer care. They charge prices ranging from $15 and give back your negatives. The basic package comprises small scans (for web usage), and you can include options such as medium and large scans for prints, color prints (4×6), and more. Spending $8 extra on the large scans is advisable for better-quality printing. The Darkroom also recycles your disposable camera.

Richard Photo Lab:

Richard Photo Lab is more oriented to professionals looking for detailed choices. Their pricing is affordable but may be a lot for some customers. C-41 roll of 35mm costs $10, and you can have small, medium, or large scans, color prints, and so on. They help push and pull your films and return your negatives.

Process One:

Another excellent lab to consider for reasonable rates is Process One. Developing your disposable camera costs about $4.99 a roll and $0.40 additional for 4×6 prints. The digital scans are an additional $4.99. Process One is more compartmentalized and can be used for particular needs or if you don’t care about scans.

You can go through these online labs that will give you a smooth and quality experience for your disposable camera films.

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Finding Nearby Places for Disposable Camera Development

Several options may be available if you’re looking for a local spot to develop your disposable camera. Here are some places that offer standard-quality film development along with customization options:


CVS provides a Film Development department where you can quickly drop off your disposable camera. They offer printed and scanned images with a few days turnaround time. The cost is $24 per film roll, including digital scans and prints on 4 “x 6” photo paper. Unfortunately, the negatives are not returning.


Like CVS, Walgreens offers film processing services, though prints are not included in their package. The cost is $14.99 per film roll, with scans included. Images are available at an additional cost, and negatives are not returned.


Walmart stands out for its customizable film processing service, priced at $7.96 per 12-exposure film roll. They include scans, but prints and negatives are available at an extra cost and are not automatically returned.

For Online Development:

If you prefer online services, one highly recommended option is The Darkroom. Their packages start at $15, and notably, they return the negatives to you. The basic package includes small, medium, and large-sized scans, catering to various printing needs and color prints (4 “x6”).

These options offer a range of choices for developing your disposable camera film, whether you prefer a local drop-off or an online solution with added customization.

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FAQs (Where To Get Disposable Cameras Developed?)

How much does it cost to develop a disposable camera?

Developing a disposable camera typically costs $7.96 to $24, depending on the service provider and additional options like prints and scans.

Where can I develop my disposable camera?

You can develop your disposable camera at various places, including local drugstores like CVS and Walgreens, big-box retailers like Walmart, or online labs like The Darkroom or Shutter Junkies.

Where is the cheapest place to buy disposable cameras?

Walmart is often considered one of the cheapest places to buy disposable cameras, starting at around $7.96 for a 12-exposure film roll.

How do you get disposable film camera photos developed?

You can visit a local photo lab or use online services to create disposable film camera photos. Please drop off your camera at a local spot or send it to a mail-in photo lab for processing.

Do disposable cameras expire?

Disposable cameras do not have a traditional expiration date, but the quality of the film may degrade over time. It’s advisable to use them within a few years for optimal results.


Shooting with your disposable camera film takes you back to your cherished memories. One can decide to purchase local labs like CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart, each with its price and services, or look for online labs like Shutter Junkies, The Darkroom, Richard Photo Lab, and Process One to make their development easy. Many disposable cameras are available in waterproof, black, and white, among others. Therefore, turning your analog memories into prints is easy whether you choose the local drop-off or the online solution.


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